Everybody is eagerly waiting to see what the next Facebook feature would be. Do you have any guesses? Well I have one, rather it is something I would like to see within Facebook as a feature.

By the way am I talking too much about Facebook ? (1st post, 2nd post, 3rd post, 4th post, 5th post, 6th post ), hope not;). When there are over 350 active users worldwide, I don’t think it’s something worthless:) Back to the topic.

When we surf through Facebook, we come across many many status updates (mm.. that will be my next post I guess :) ), links, videos, pictures, notes etc. Sometimes we click on the Like button and sometimes we comment on them. But what if I want to take a look at the items I have liked and commented sometime back there’s no easy way for that. Either I have to depend on memory by relating to some person or some incident or I have to walkback through my past activities. It’s really a time consuming task.

The item I'm looking for can be a very informative link, a hilarious video, a picture of a memorable moment etc. Someone can suggest to use the typical bookmarking methods for this purpose. But as the number of items keep increasing it will be too messy and complex.

For example if I want to find out all the comments I have left in the blogosphere there’s one place to find all. If you follow this link you can find out all the comments I have left in other’s blogs. But as Facebook is inaccessible externally the solution should come within the Facebook platform. I have no idea that how far will Facebook support to develop such an application by a 3rd party developer. So the best thing would be Facebook bringing by its own.

In brief it will look like following.

Statuses Pictures Videos Links Notes
Liked 1. Akila’s 1. Uni Album 1. Singing 1. TechCrunch 1. My Life

2. Frank’s 2. Trip 2. ….. 2. …. 2. ….

3. … 3. … 3. … 3. … 3. …

Commented 1. Akila’s 1. My Album 1. Flying 1. Mashable 1. FB stats

2. Frank’s 2. London 2. Playing 2. ….. 2. …..

3. … 3. … 3. … 3. … 3. …

Of course this is just a sketch :) If Facebook really going to develop such an application/feature they can surely come up with a better model :)

What do you all think about this one?


  1. කේෂාන් | Keshan  

    28 January 2010 at 20:01

    nice thought... yeah i think you are correct there should be that kinda facility it is hectic and time consuming to walk through all the posts to searching for something we liked....

  2. Anonymous  

    30 April 2010 at 11:18

    Really nice thinking dude, You better put this as a suggestion to the FB community :)

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