Had Google seen my post ?

My previous post was about a new feature which I would like to see on Facebook, where you can see all your FB likes (not the FB pages, but Statuses, Pictures, Videos, Links, Notes) and comments at one place.

Guess what, not Facebook but Google had come up with a similar feature for Google Buzz where you can see all the posts, comments and likes you have made on Buzz. Following is a screen shot of how it looks like on my Buzz profile.

Google Buzz

By default, these tabs are only visible to you. If you want to share your comments and likes tabs, you can choose to make them publicly visible to others from the Buzz tab under Settings” As I have mentioned in the previous post this will be highly helpful if you want to go through your past posts, likes and comments.

On Facebook, with ‘Like’ being added to comments it will be somewhat complex to add aforementioned kind of a feature. But still Facebook can ignore ‘Likes’ on comments and instead include the “Likes” you made on other web sites. And even with these ‘Likes’ on other web sites, Facebook can bring up a stand alone book marking service.

I don't know whether Google had seen my post to come with the said feature :D If someone needs there are 10 more mentioned here :) Do you have anymore in your mind ?


  1. Aang Bizril  

    13 March 2013 at 17:40

    Hello older blogger friend, how are you ?
    I hope you still remember me as a older blogger friend last years ago when we play entrecard :)
    Long time i have no blogging, i saw this blog growing and better.

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