When I was checking requests on my Facebook (wiki) account this morning there were 43 Barn Buddy requests in my FB account and I was totally amazed. Is Barn Buddy the most popular game on Facebook at the moment? What is Barn Buddy?
Barn Buddy is a farming game where you grow your own crops and sell them for coins or you can steal others' crops or add bugs and weeds to their farms.

Barn Buddy Description

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Developer: TheBroth, Inc.

Description: Look after your friends' farms and grow some crops together! Or be naughty, steal their crops and add bugs and weeds to their farms. :) NEW! Now with guard dog!

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Barn Buddy Screen Shots

Barn Buddy Farm
Barn Buddy Intro
When considering my friend network on Facebook; yes it's the most popular game on Facebook at the moment.
But I did a search and found out that it is not when considering the entire FB userbase:)
But these 2 reports are contradicting.
  • In AllFacebook it says 'BarnBuddy is in no 40' and 'Who Has The Biggest Brain is in no 42'
  • In InsideSocialGames it doesn't include Barn Buddy at all, but Who Has The Biggest Brain is at 16th position.
So we can't get in to a conclusion based on these 2 reports. (But according to both reports 'Texas HoldEm Poker' is the most popular game on Facebook. So I got my answer:D)

Anyway both these reports are about 1 month old, so the current stats may be different. But by looking at the matrices( AllFacebook, AppData) we can see that it's gaining a lot of users and the numbers are growing at a good rate. I think that's why I received such a no of requests :D.

So should I also play Barn Buddy ? :)


  1. Akila  

    13 July 2009 at 08:03

    I conducted a [small] poll asking about what is the most popular game on Facebook at the moment.
    The final result was "Barn Buddy" won gaining 40% votes. "Waka Waka" came 2nd gaining 36% votes.
    Thanks for all those who voted.

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