I had the opportunity of doing a presentation at the November Student Champ meeting on Beyond 3rd Generation Mobile Communications. Here I'm providing a brief description and additional information related to the content of that presentation.

Beyond 3rd Generation (B3G) - Step in to the Next Generation of Mobile Communication

The mobile communication is one of the areas that has been rapidly developed in the recent past few decades. Incredible information Technology/Internet boom during the last 2 decades has allowed users to demand improved wireless and mobile data services. Estimations on increasing users’ expectations and growing demand for mobile services urge that around the year 2010-2012 another new mobile network system will be needed, with improved capability than 3G or International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) which is believed not sufficient to cope with users demand around 2010. The development of mobile communication has given much more convenience on human activities on day to day life. This improvement has made lots of difference in the community.

What is Beyond 3rd Generation or B3G in short? It is the term used to describe the next generation's mobile communication, which is commonly referred as 4G.Up to now there is no formal definition for what 4G is. So the researches done goes under the term Beyond 3rd Generation.

However without attractive services at a reasonable price, B3G cannot help but lose the chance to develop a mobile network market. B3G should be able to continue and expand the existing services while providing high-tech applications for the next generation of mobile users. Internet infotainment, Games over the mobile network, Location based services, Mobile window shopping will be some of the killer applications. Mobile service providers will have to provide personalized services to keep loyal customer base. In order to cater to these requirements more advanced technologies should be developed, such as High speed & large-capacity wireless transmission technologies, High performance and advanced function terminal technologies etc.

Many leading companies are trying hard to become the leader of the next generation of mobile communications, while diversifying their businesses in to new segments. Companies like Apple has hugely succeeded with their business diversification. Eg : Apple iPhone

So the world is waiting to see the next generation's abilities. I'm pretty sure that it will change human life style a lot. And finally let's hope for an enriched, convenient & a comfortable life for all through these technology advancements.

Download the presentation here : B3G - Presentation.pdf

PS : If you are looking for more info on this topic you can contact me.

Update : I wrote an article about "Beyond 3rd Generation (B3G) - Step in to the Next Generation of Mobile Communication" for the DIGIT, the IT magazine. Check it out!


  1. Anonymous  

    26 January 2009 at 01:56

    Check this out http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/23/t-mobile-g1-moves-beyond-3g-markets-available-everywhere-tomorr/

  2. Ramesh  

    6 February 2009 at 15:32

    Very very fast internet in Australia.


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