Are you a person who use GPRS a lot, using a normal 2.75G+ phone (Not Smart phones)? Getting a huge GPRS bill? Looking to reduce your GPRS bill? Then this post is for you:)
These days many of us use GPRS a lot in our day to day life. So if we can get done our work with less data cost it will automatically reduce the GPRS bill. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you may remember that I promised to share my Mobile Internet experiences. So here I'm going to keep that promise.

First I'll start with mentioning my Test Environment.I'm usually using a SonyEricsson K800i phone to access mobile internet. Here and there I've used Nokia 3G and Motorolla phones as well.

Mobile Web Browsers to Use

I'm using Opera Mini. It is much faster than the default mobile web browsers I've used. And even it loads any normal web page faster. "SE K800i comes with a full Internet browser, so you can access almost all normal web pages, and not just mobile-specific ones". But NOT ALL. For example, normally my blog is not loaded in the SEK800i default web browser. Even if it loads, some content is missing saying that "Large page. Content incompletely shown." (Just now i checked, and no post content was shown). But when I'm using Opera Mini, it is loaded completely and much faster.
Of course, as I mentioned above, data consumption is very important when it comes to Mobile Internet. When I tried few times, normally a default mobile web browser consumed about 400+kB, but with Opera Mini it's only about 35kBs. Wow! it's almost about 90% data cost saving.
To get to know about the technology behind these abilities and more about Opera Mini click here
Further in SEk800i you can't launch another application except the quick launch music player. But when using Opera Mini, you can minimize the browser and launch another application such as a chat application. So chat while surfing internet, both on mobile cool!

Use All in One Chat Applications

You can use All in One Mobile Chat Applications to keep connected with your loved ones, on the go. But it should be a cost saving one too. I'm using Mobile eBuddy as my Mobile Chat App. It supports to almost all the phone types and consume less data too. You can chat with your MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, ICQ, Facebook at once. And you can view a short profile too. Isn't that great? (Additionally the application says that you can send pictures while chatting but I tried it few times, but it didn't work:|)

Download eBuddy to your mobile

Use of Email Applications for Mobile

It's also an efficient way to reduce data cost. Gmail app worked for my phone, but Yahoo Go didn't work. My phone doesn't allow it to be downloaded. But it's not that much of a problem for me as Opera Mini works really fine.

I must say, 'the session fee', when connecting through GPRS can be a barrier to use multiple applications.
My mobile service provider doesn't charge a session fee, so luckily I have that freedom:)

To conclude this post, I would like to say that there are plenty of cool applications other than the ones I have mentioned. So do some search, and test them and let others know your experience.

I had to spend some bucks when testing these apps again for this post:)) But I think it's worthwhile. Isn't it?


  1. Lakshan  

    12 February 2009 at 13:43

    Great analysis..thanks for taking your time on this.

    BTW, have you tried for chat? From what I heard it's really cool.

  2. Akila  

    12 February 2009 at 15:21

    Thanks Lakshan for your comment.

    No I haven't tried Fringe. Thanks for the info, I'll be surely trying it soon:)

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