Yesterday we had the December Student Champ meeting, the last meeting for the year 2008. It was really valuable 2 hours. Though we missed the industry presentation yesterday, the 2 sessions we had was really informative. First we had the session about Speech synthesis from Tharindu Nanayakkara. And the next session was done by Ravin Perera, about Apple iPhone.

I was really interested about it because it’s "Mobile" (By the way, still I couldn’t put a post about the presentation I did on Mobile Communication at the November meeting. I’ll put it as my next post:)). We could get to know about the features, pros and cons of iPhone, 3rd party & Open source applications etc. That session was rather a discussion with the contribution of Wela. Throughout we talked about Apple strategies & their Operating systems, gaming consoles(PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) etc. And it paved the way to next month meeting as well.

Guess what? Uditha will be doing a session on Xbox 360 at next month’s meeting.

Another specialty we had at yesterday’s meeting was the presence of some new friends, from Open University, Sri Lanka (OUSL), representing their Computer Society. And we are looking forward to work with them closely:)

PS : I found a good article about the battle of the gaming consoles, from To read the article click here.


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