This is not something that the whole FB community expected. FB is not a safer place as we expected. I'm saying this through my personal experience. Even outsiders (Who are not in your friend list) can access your personal pictures.
Here's the story,

One of my friends (Let's say A) has commented on another person's (Let's say B) picture, and it is shown as a post under A's profile.
A is in my friend list, B is not. B's profile can not be searched even using FB search, which means B is having a private profile.

through that A's post link I can access B's pictures, though that person hasn't allowed me to do so.
Even more, I can access that picture and all the pictures in that album (but can't comment on those pics,Thank God!). Try this yourself!
This is a dangerous situation and a threat to people's privacy. Many people moved in to FB because of the amount of privacy FB allowed. This is not the first time I experienced this thing.
When I first experienced it I thought it's a rare occasion. But seems like it isn't.

Is FB keeping its promise of PRIVACY ???


  1. Akila  

    17 November 2008 at 20:50

    To minimize the risk what you can to do is, select the correct settings for your pics, in the settings section. And remember when adding the pictures to do the same. Otherwise you will be in trouble.

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