When i was surfing the internet I found some good articles about Windows 7, the next OS from Microsoft. They provide some useful information about the upcoming OS. The descriptions about the UIs are really cool. Below I have included some UIs taken from the posts and also the Windows 7 seven First Official Video. Following are the articles.

Notes on the Windows 7 Demo... from windowsteamblog.com
First look at Windows 7's User Interface from www.arstechnica.com
Get Windows 7's Best Features Right Now
from lifehacker.com

If you want to visit the Windows 7 site click here.

Windows 7 First Official Video

The taskbar in Windows 7

New Windows 7 Taskbar and Start  Menu

Start Menu:
Windows 7 Screenshots

Window management

Windows 7 Screenshots


Windows 7 Screenshots

Windows 7 Explorer

Windows 7 Screenshots

Windows 7 Screenshots


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