Currently I'm on my internship at Ridgecrest Asia (Pvt) Ltd as a trainee software engineer. As a part of the internship, we undergo a soft skills development programme. As a part of that all of the interns were required to do a presentation themed "What we have learnt/gained throughout the last 3 months", on the first day of this year (1st January 2009).
It was a great opportunity for all of us, Adeef, Asanga, Anupama, Banusha, Imadhi and me to evaluate the 3 months we worked at Ridgecrest. We presented what we have gained, in terms of technical skills, soft skills, exposure, and experience to our supervisors Mr. Eranga Samararathne and Ms. Dharshini Fernando and to the company CEO Mr. Sanath Fernando. After the presentations they gave us the feedback about the presentations. The programme coordinator Ms. Tilani Balasundaram gave her comments as well. A big thank for all of them for the comments, feedback given :)
As I mentioned earlier it was a chance to evaluate our selves and make necessary plans, set goals to take the maximum out of the remaining 3 months of our internship period. So we are looking forward to that.


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