In the past, any Sri Lankan who wanted to search for details about s particular school had to search through many web sites to get the relevant information. But now it is made some what easy through website.
As always LEARN website provides links to most of the higher educational institutes in Sri Lanka.

As stated in the website Ministry of Education with Asian development bank funded, secondary Education modernization project has taken the initiative to establish a wide-area network (WAN) connecting most of the senior secondary schools & other related organization (referred to as schoolnet).
All the schools with necessary resources are not connected to this network( domain) as those schools already had their own sites before this project was initiated. But still this site is a good place to find details about many schools.
Click here for the schools directory
Click here to visit the site

LEARN - Lanka Education And Research Network

The Lanka Education And Research Network is the NREN (National Research and Education Network) of Sri Lanka, which interconnects Educational and Research institutions across the country.
There you can find all(most of) the links of higher educational institutes in Sri Lanka and details about the LEARN network. Following are the links to higher educational institutes in Sri Lanka.

Sites Connected to the LEARN Network



Other Members of LEARN (no direct connection to the LEARN Network yet)




  1. Kasun  

    28 October 2008 at 15:17

    Before reading this i knew about LEARN, but not about Schoolnet. Thanks for that.

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